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The following terms of service apply to every product or service purchased from Write Way Up through this website or by other means, including directly, offline. 



Parties: 'Write Way Up Communication' (Write Way Up) and 'The Client'.

The Client: The purchaser of a product or service from Write Way Up, through this website, or by other means, including directly, offline.

The term: the period from when a product or service is purchased from Write Way Up, to when the service is completed or the product has been used, or until 'The Agreement' is terminated. 

The Agreement: these Terms of Service, as they apply to The Parties. 

The website: Any pages on


When a product or service is purchased via this website or directly, offline, Write Way Up will:

  • Provide access, within two (2) business days, when possible, to the product if it is a recorded workshop or non-customised product, such as a template or guide.

  • Arrange a mutually agreeable date with The Client, if it is an individual live workshop.

  • Arrange a mutually agreeable date with The Client and all other workshop attendees if it is a live group workshop.

  • Contact The Client to arrange a detailed briefing for a customisable product or service, such as a brand package, Marketing Consulting package or general marketing project or consulting, within two (2) business days to one week of online purchase or offline enquiry. It will then provide a quote if not already quoted/paid, with clearly defined scope, that must be approved prior to work being commenced.

  • If it is a customisable package or service, engage in an initial discovery meeting of up to one hour to commence the project/work. Meeting time additional to this initial hour, and to that specified in the package or service quote, will be outside the scope of work and charged at the standard consulting fee, unless a block of consulting is purchased at a discounted or sale rate.

  • Agree to a timeline for delivery with The Client for a customisable product or service, and deliver within this timeframe, with the exception of when unforeseen conditions influence the outcome, or The Client influences or delays the timeframe. 

  • Perform the work as per the specifications of the existing package or the agreed brief. If additional work is required, outside the agreed scope, or The Work is required within an urgent deadline, Write Way Up will first provide a quote for the additional or urgent work, and only commence once the quote has been explicitly agreed by The Client.

  • Provide regular updates via email or phone with regards to the progress of The Work, and will seek approval, before progressing, at agreed points.

  • Use Australian, native-speaking, qualified writers to produce any and all content requirements.

  • Not directly contact any other party on behalf of The Client, without the Client’s explicit permission.

  • Retain intellectual property rights to all content produced as part of The Work, until full payment has been received.

  • When the work isn't paid through the website, provide an invoice, in line with Australian tax requirements, with clear instructions for payment method.

  • Not be accountable or responsible for the work of third parties. 

When The Client purchases a product or service from Write Way Up, The Client will:

  • Use the product only as is explicitly permitted or is implied. 

  • Not share, copy, replicate or on-sell the intellectual property of Write Way Up with anyone outside of The Client. 

  • Provide a clear and agreed brief of what is required, if purchasing a product or service from Write Way Up, that is outside of the existing, pre-defined packages.

  • Will provide direction or agree to provided direction for existing content packages before The Work commences.

  • Provide access to the relevant media platforms for completion of The Work, including but not limited to social media platforms and The Client's website.

  • Acknowledge that urgent work or work that falls outside the agreed scope, will incur additional fees, which must be quoted and agreed prior to additional work commencing. 

  • Provide reasonable timeframes for work, acknowledging that urgent or rushed deadlines may incur additional fees.

  • Provide approvals, feedback and payments in a timely manner, and understands The Work may be delayed if this does not occur.

  • Will pay Write Way Up's invoice before work commencing (if not paid on the website), as required, or within the timeframe indicated on the invoice from Write Way Up for the product or service. 

  • Acknowledge it must provide explicit, written agreement to The Work prior to The Work commencing, and once this agreement is provided, it is accountable for making full payment, as required and agreed.


  • The scope of work for customisable products or services, or services not listed on this website, will be as per the description on the website, or as otherwise explicitly agreed between The Client and Write Way Up. By purchasing a product promoted online, The Client explicitly agrees to the description on the website or agreed alternatives if not available/possible. For products/services not on the website, The Client acknowledges by accepting the quote, it agrees to the brief or detailed quote and these terms of service. 


  • Brand packages based on existing designs available through this website will include one round of revisions to the artwork as it is originally displayed on this website. This one round of revisions may include update of name and tagline and contact details and colour change to the same number of colours in the original design. Any additional changes will incur a fee and will be quoted based on the brief. 

  • Original brand packages (custom-designed, not displayed on the website), based on a brief from The Client, will include one round of revisions, within reason. Work that constitutes a 're-design', such as a change of the logo image, shape, illustration, layout, or subsequent rounds of changes will incur additional fees, and will be quoted based on the brief. 

  • Any written, designed or content product or service will include one round of reasonable revisions (this does not include re-writes, but includes 'tweaks'). Additional revisions will be quoted and will incur additional fees.



  • The Client agrees to pay upfront for any products or services purchased through this website. 

  • The Client agrees to pay, in full, for any services or products purchased outside of this website, within the timeframe dictated by the invoice. This may be 100% upfront, 50% upfront or after completion, depending on the work or project. For upfront payments, work will not be scheduled until payment is received. 

  • Write Way Up reserves the right to charge interest, calculated weekly, on any overdue invoice. 

  • Write Way Up is currently not GST registered, but may be in the future. GST may be applied at any time at Write Way Up's discretion, and the client agrees to pay the GST in addition to the prices quoted on this site or previously agreed as fees for work. 


  • Write Way Up will not provide a refund to The Client for a brand package, template, online workshop,  content or creative work once purchase has been made, as the products and services require a transfer of intellectual property and dedicated service time, that cannot be returned in full by The Client. 

  • If The Client feels the product or service is not satisfactory, Write Way Up will go to all reasonable efforts to rectify the problem, within the agreed brief. 


  • Write Way Up works with multiple clients, and schedules work on a first-come-first-served basis, with the exception of urgent work, which may incur a fee, and will be scheduled immediately, as required and undertaken after hours so as not to impact the agreed schedules of other projects. 

  • The Client acknowledges that if it is delayed in providing feedback, approvals, content, research, briefs or other required communication, this will extend the deadline accordingly, and the deadline may be extended further, dependent on the existing schedule of all client projects. 

  • Content for content packages commences publication on the 1st of each month. Clients that have a rolling content package must notify Write Way Up by the 5th of each month if they wish to discontinue the service, as content preparation begins around the 10th of the month prior to publication. 

  • On occasion, extenuating circumstances, like illness, technical difficulties or other issues may delay works and result in deadlines not being met. If this occurs, Write Way Up will endeavour to inform The Client as soon as is practicable. 


  • The Client agrees that Write Way Up may promote its project on its website or in related portfolios of creatives or other specialists who worked on the project/work, unless otherwise instructed in writing. 


  • Write Way up retains the rights to intellectual property for all content on its site, including courses, workshop, templates and any other content.

  • Write Way Up retains the rights to intellectual property for all content, design and other work produced for The Client, until full payment is received from The Client. Third party rights, such as those for stock photos, remain with the third party.


  • For a one-off project, The Client may terminate the work at any time, but will be liable for all costs incurred by Write Way Up to that point. Write Way Up will provide The Client with work completed to-date upon payment, and reserves the right to pass on the outstanding amount to a debt collector at its discretion and to publicise the failure of payment to other service providers.

  • For a non-content or mixed content and consulting retainer service, The Client may terminate the work with 30 days' written notice. In this instance, if hours are being retained on a monthly cycle, work will terminate at the end of the month of notice. For Clients with a rolling content package, notice of termination of the package must be received by Write Way Up no later than the 5th of the month, prior to the next month of content publication, for example, by 5 October for November content. Notice provided any later, will incur fees.

  • Write Way Up loves working with people who are passionate, kind, ethical and respectful. We always treat clients and suppliers, in fact any and every contact, with respect, and we expect the same in return. Write Way Up reserves the right to terminate work immediately if The Client is behaving towards any of its project team in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner, or if The Client's behaviour could in any way, negatively reflect on Write Way Up, its consultants or brand. The Client, in this case, will be liable for any previously agreed costs incurred by Write Way Up in the course of undertaking the work to-date. 


  • Write Way Up will go to all reasonable lengths to ensure the accuracy and minimal risk of all content, design and advice provided to The Client. The Client is responsible and accountable for reviewing and signing off its approval on all advice prior to implementation, and any content, design or technical services prior to publishing, and is responsible for any and all intellectual trade mark and similar checks. 

  • The Client will indemnify Write Way Up for any claims arising out of the publication of any content, design or technical service, or implementation of any advice provided by Write Way Up. 


  • Neither party will, in any circumstances (including negligence), be liable to the other party for any loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings or business, loss of opportunity (including opportunity to enter into or complete arrangements with third parties), or goodwill, loss of reputation, or any indirect or consequential loss, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise. 


  • This Agreement is governed by and is to be construed in accordance with the laws applicable in New South Wales. 

  • Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction in New South Wales and any courts which have jurisdiction to hear appeals from any of those courts and waives any right to object to any proceedings being brought in those courts.