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Duration: 1 hour

Next available date: immediately for individuals, TBC for groups

Class size: individuals or min 5 for groups

Format: live, interactive workshop, online

Requirements: access to zoom



Research tells us around 90% of consumers conduct a search on Google, and then click on one of the results on the very first page to get their answer.


So what happens to all those websites that appear on page two of Google's results? Or page three, or four?

Absolutely nothing!

Updating your website regularly, with new content, offers your business a range of benefits:

  • While Google might largely ignore a static website, new content temps it to come back and re-asses your site to see if it may be worthy of a first page search rank (or maybe just a result higher than you already have). The more new content you add, the more often you can be re-assessed.

  • New content, especially good content, reminds past and future clients, who are not ready to purchase yet, that you are credible, and perhaps even an authority in your space. 

  • Original content gives you something to share in newsletters, social media and on other channels. 

  • Frequently added content keeps your brand top of mind.

The fact is, not all content is created equally. The way Google ranks content is actually very complex, but something it is always looking for, is what your article is about, how relevant it is to a user's search, and what your site is all about. Optimising your writing for search engines makes it easier for Google to get this information.

In this one hour workshop, we will take you through:

  • Finding inspiration for topics to write about

  • Simple keyword research

  • Best practice structures for online writing

  • How to optimise your article for search engines like Google

  • Provide a simple handout you can use as a reminder when writing


Select a study and price option:


* Rather than pay for a 1-to-1 workshop, fill in our simple form and we will get in touch with you to let you know when we have reached minimum numbers for a class. We will arrange a suitable workshop date for all involved. Sign up now, pay only when the workshop date is confirmed. 


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