Branding Starter Kit

Branding Starter Kit


Select a unique logo from our catalogue or ask us to design your perfect logo from scratch!


Our brand starter kit is everything you need to start professionally branding your business.


This package includes:

  • One logo developed by an Australian designer and marketing expert, provided as .eps, .jpeg, .png, favicon, Facebook logo (each of our designs is sold to only ONE purchaser and does not use clip art)
  • Space for your tagline
  • One business card design
  • One Mailchimp newsletter template and activation of a free account
  • One letterhead/document template provided in Word
  • Transfer of photo licences from adobe stock as applicable.

* One round of reasonable changes included only as per terms of service. 


How does it work? Upon payment, you wil receive a confimation email with a link to our catalogue of existing, unique logo options, and a link to a briefing form if you can't see what you want in the catalogue. Once you have seleted your option, we customise or design your brand and provide it to you within one week.


What's unique about our branding products?

  • Our products are developed in Australia, by Australian branding and marketing experts
  • Our products are sold ONLY ONCE each -- we don't sell the same brand to multiple buyers, meaning you are buying a unique product
  • Our branding is designed from scratch, we don't take existing clip art or icons and simply add them to a word.
  • The packs include everything you need to get started with a solid and professional brand
  • Some customisation included: we change to your brand name, tagline, colours, insert your business card details and brochure copy and provide print-ready files.
  • Terms of service and purchase

    This item is a digital product only. It has been created by an experienced marketing professional for the exclusive use only of the purchaser. When purchased and payment is made in full, the rights to intellectual property for branding suites are transferred to the purchaser. Images have been purchased royalty free from Adobe Stock, and the licence transfers to the purchaser upon payment.

    For courses, templates, content and any other product, besides the branding kits, intellectual property rights and copyright remain with Write Way Up Communication. Should a purchaser share these products, either freely or for a price with a third party, they will be violating the intellectual property rights of Write Way Up Communication and will be prosecuted.

    Should you copy a design on Write Way Up without purchasing it, you will be violating the intellectual property rights of Write Way Up Communication and you will be prosecuted.

    While Write Way Up goes to all reasonable lengths to ensure no trademark or IP breaches occur in relation to branding or other products, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the product/design and rights to it within their industry and country prior to purchase and to trademark it if appropriate. We suggest searches on ASIC or working with an IP lawyer. 

    Once purchased, items cannot be returned. This policy is in place as confidential intellectual property, the value base of the product, is transferred immediately upon purchase.

    Write Way Up collects and stores data in line with our privacy policy. You can access our privacy policy in the footer of the website. By purchasing this product you agree to Write Way Up's Terms of Service, Terms of Use and other policies listed on this website.

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