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Why mountains?

A couple of years ago -- as quite an unathletic person -- I started bouldering because my friends were into it.

Honestly, I wasn't excited. My arms are pretty puny, my legs are lazy and my upper body strength is basically non-existent.

But like all good, peer-pressured 30-somethings I thought I'd better give it a crack to save face and show my friends I was still young, fit and fun.

Surprisingly, I actually loved it.

Years later, and I am still absolutely terrible at bouldering, but I always finish up a session feeling that great kind of tired -- achy, weak, but like I've achieved something.

No idea what I'm talking about?

If you've never been bouldering, think of rock climbing, but without a rope.

It's all about completing different coloured vertical paths, that get more-and-more difficult as you graduate levels.

The basis of the sport is problem solving. Endurance, strategy and a hell of a lot of will power also really helps.

Bouldering and business

At Write Way Up, we understand that building a business or brand, or managing a complex marketing project, is a lot like bouldering.

Before you hit the wall -- start designing a logo or running social media ads -- you need to stand back, look up at it and plan your path.

You need to identify the main challenges, the places where your strengths will shine and your weaknesses might let you down.

Only once you have a clear strategy, do you put your hands on the designated starting point, lift your legs off the floor and start climbing.

When it comes to climbing, the biggest challenge you can ever undertake, is to make it to the top of Everest. From what I hear, just making it to Base Camp is tough enough.

Our branding is based on the concept of the climb. The idea that every step you take, every time your foot falls -- every communication you deliver -- is crucial to your business success -- to reaching the top.

We encourage our clients not to just leap at the wall and hope for the best, but to take the time to think, to plan properly and identify the best path from where they are now, to the peak of their personal and professional mountain.

If you would like to talk about your path to the top and how to start planning your strategy, please get in touch, we'd love to chat with you.

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